For a brief period our studio was working an a 3rd person Call of Duty game with a working title of Call of Duty Devils Brigade. We had a pretty meager staff and only had a few months to work on it before they pulled the plug…

Courtyard Visual Target

This started as a test to see how easy or hard it would be for me to grey-block out an urban environment that felt fairly organic inside Radiant. I started by finding two painting of an Italian village then blocked out the space and added some basic lights in an afternoon. It was actually easier than I had hoped. I then broke this thing into two pre-fabs so that our two environment artists could work towards creating an in-game quality bar target. I was also curious to see how well the styles would mesh.

Pretty! We never got around to cleaning up some of the transitions.

Some battle damage.

3rd Person Demo

This was our first milestone for Call of Duty – Devils Brigade. It was done with an art staff of 4 (one being a newly hired character artist), junior designers, and minimal engineering support. It was mostly intended as showcase for our squad based orders system. We spent about 6 weeks creating art assets for this including our new soldier models, and most of the environmental details. There are a lot of things about this fall short of where we wanted to get but the one thing I feel that we spent time on that we got right, and turned out to be a nasty problem, were the bullet trails. Seems silly but vitally important in a 3rd person game.

[media id=2 width=500 height=375]