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Windmill – Personal Project

This was intended to be a super quick reintroduction into Unreal project for me. I started out with a rough sketch for what I wanted to build; something cute and not very complex.


This is a simple Maya screen capture of what I was able to do the first day. I thought that the grass ‘fringe’ around the floating chunk of rock might work to soften that edge. The boulders and roots were just stuffed into the ground to break up the dirt mass.


A close up of the grass fringe. I was already pretty dubious about this actually working in a game engine.


Day 2. Got UDK installed and managed to pull over all of my assets. Even had a little time to add a sky sphere and four point lights.

That grass fringe is horrible.


Day 3  – added a real sky texture and figured out how to use the foliage factory. Also added some lights.


Day 4 – gotta pull the plug on this and move on with my life. Added spec and normal maps for everything, rebuild the dirt clod,  added lots of small details, rebuilt the windmill building (it was far too sloppy), rebuilt the ground,  and learned how to set up an alpha mask shader to vertex paint a blend between the rock and grass (ground) texture.


Flowers are nice but the tan weed texture is too low-res.


I like the dog house. The lighting could really use some work.


I ruined the tree. Lesson learned; when doing foliage made out of quads stuffed together, don’t make the texture too uniform and make sure that the texture has a much smaller opacity to transparency ratio.


Here is a quick animation I did for AndNow way back in 1990!

[media id=3 width=320 height=240]

Underground Bumper

[media id=4 width=500 height=281]


Just a few examples of textures I’ve created.

Line Art

Your basic everyday line drawing is something that I’ve always enjoyed.


Here’s a couple of story board style drawing I did for a WWII shooter design doc.

Character Sketches

I’ve done a ton of character design in my career so just sort of lumped a bunch of them here.

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Color Sketches

A tiny sampling from the gobs of artwork I’ve got scattered around.

Junk Town – development time: 8hrs.

This one was a lot of fun and just popped out with no drama.

Tank and Cross – development time 45 min.

Lot’s of use of custom brushes made this a breeze, maybe that’s why I like it.

Standing Street – development time 16 hrs.

Country Road – development time 8 hrs.

Another lighter image that was pure fun to work on.

Metaspace – development time 4 hrs.

Sitting – development time 8 hrs.

Just a sketch really, but I like the colors/lighting.

Wharf Night – development time – 14 hrs.

Had a lot of trouble with this one; got lost in the detail and ruined it.

Ore Processor Color – development time 10 hrs.

Bloom Omen II – PS2

Not my fondest memories. This project took three years while we built our engine from scratch. Trying to art direct this while also doing all the concept work and being a full time environment artist, designer, and UI artist nearly killed me.

Man I really should have taken some of my own screen shots.

And a couple of costume designs.

Various other concepts

Sega Genesis

Here are few screen shots of really old work.

X-Men 2 was developed by my company Headgames.

Chakan was a fun project because I got to make up the look of everything! Sadly though the best levels never made it into the final product.

Dithering looks horrible here but it worked really well with the NTSC smear.

Snowblind – PS2

This was an early prototype level I created in order to illustrate how we might be able to create urban environments with believable roadblocks.

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