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Just a few models I sculpted in Zbrush for a Graphic Novel I’m working on. Not the most detailed models but enough for the intended purpose.

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The Sims 4

A little game that some people might have heard of. Art Directing on this was something I was definitely not prepared for. Too much to say on that topic. Here’s a few screens of the game when I was acting AD.

Probably the thing I’m most proud of is how far the Sims came from when I started to when we shipped:

And finally, just one of the many things I had to do in absence of a lead willing to do the job (another long story); a graphic that illustrated how I wanted our pants vs boot layering to work:

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Environment Explorations 4-6-2010

Just got back to working on some environment stuff in the last two days. Got a ways to go before I finish the new scene but wanted to show some of what I’ve got so far.

Played with the lighting here and added some of the props to see how well they would take the scene lighting.


Doing some experiments with overlay textures. The red roots and the hole in the wall are both flat quads sitting flush to the wall. The hole really started working well once I hooked up the parallax offset node.

And here is the wall diffuse texture. I gotta dial down that spec map.


A close up of one of the wall pieces. Again, spec map needs work.


A few of theĀ  props I constructed today.


These two images show another overlay with some geo thrown in to give it more presence.

And here is the prop in the scene. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the overlay to work over any surface with any lighting.

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