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New Color Sketches

A random collection of my latest color sketches.


This little project started out with me just wanting to create a single small structure that really pushed the use of normal and spec maps.

Here is what I ended up with after two days. This is a screen grab from Maya using the default lights.  Oh and the green channel on the normal has not been inverted here. The textures were fun to paint but man, creating texture maps this way can turn into a real time-sink.


Next I wanted to get this into Unreal but I didn’t want it just floating in an empty space  so I had this idea of how I could take the assets from the Windmill and create a little scene. This gave me the idea that maybe this little structure was in fact some alternate reality French Air Bus stop. This led me to creating a ‘few’ other props to support the concept. The zeppelin in the background was a total rush job and it shows! I like the idea of the zeppelin, just not how the design came out. The obvious lesson here is to have a good design in place before you start painting textures and pushing poly’s.

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