A tiny sampling from the gobs of artwork I’ve got scattered around.

Junk Town – development time: 8hrs.

This one was a lot of fun and just popped out with no drama.

Tank and Cross – development time 45 min.

Lot’s of use of custom brushes made this a breeze, maybe that’s why I like it.

Standing Street – development time 16 hrs.

Country Road – development time 8 hrs.

Another lighter image that was pure fun to work on.

Metaspace – development time 4 hrs.

Sitting – development time 8 hrs.

Just a sketch really, but I like the colors/lighting.

Wharf Night – development time – 14 hrs.

Had a lot of trouble with this one; got lost in the detail and ruined it.

Ore Processor Color – development time 10 hrs.