Regardless of how I feel about how the end product came out I’m still proud of what we were able to achieve at Underground; four SKU’s in 10 months, starting with an art group of four (including myself!), and only three dedicated engineers. In the course of 10 months we hired like crazy (ending up with a staff of 18), we had to learn a completely new engine, and deal with a company that didn’t really know what kind of game they wanted from us. It wasn’t until we were well into alpha that they could even tell us what the title was! Oh yeah, we didn’t even know that we were doing the PS2 and wii versions of the game until about two months prior to alpha. On top of all that we were also shackled by the fact that the company didn’t want us to do any movies for the game and the band didn’t want us to include any interviews and videos of themselves, something that we knew was going to kill us with the press.

It wasn’t all bad though we had some great help from the Toys for Bob group that mostly tackled the art needs for the wii, our Central Art group who helped us generate some of our early band models, and Neversoft for being so easy to work with. We also ended up hiring some amazing people.

At the end of the day I can say that I’m satisfied with how the game ended up looking.

*Images and Vidoes Coming Soon*